BJ Brisson was born in Paris. At a very young age, he was destined for an artistic activity. From 1967 to 1969, he studied at the Frochot Academy in Paris under the direction of painter Pierre Matthey.
In 1968, he took part in the exhibition "Synchronism of forms" (Galerie Jean-Pierre Hagnauer, rue de Seine, Paris).
After becoming a graphic designer in an advertising agency, he founded his own graphic design studio. In 1985, he left France to settle in Düsseldorf, where he continued his work as a graphic designer while developing his own pictorial language..
Später entdeckte er die Kultur und Kunst Japans und hielt sich mehrmals in diesem Land auf, mit dem er bis heute einen regen Austausch pfleg.Through his travels, he discovered the culture and art of Japan and stayed several times in this country, with which he maintains a lively exchange.

After years of pictorial experiments and research on associations of shapes and colors, he began his "Imagine" series in 2016.
He participates in numerous exhibitions and exhibits in France, Germany and Russia. His clientele consists of art collectors in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Russia and Japan.

Member of the Art Society of Corbeil-Essonnes
Member of the BBK Bezirksverband e.V. Düsseldorf and BBK Kunstforum e.V. Düsseldorf
Member of the Taylor Foundation - Paris